Congress says it will not join Shiv Sena or BJP as stalemate continues...


The Congress high command on Saturday ruled out propping up the Shiv Sena for the Mumbai mayor’s post. Locked in a bitter battle with ally BJP for control of the country’s richest civic body, the Sena had ...
18% growth in non-Marathi corporators in BMC, one-third of total corporators are non-Marathis...


ALMOST ONE-THIRD of the corporators elected to Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Thursday are non-Marathis. The city’s changing political dynamics has resulted in an 18 per cent growth in the total num...

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Turncoats and rebels; win some, lose some...


Ahead of the civic elections, several candidates switched to other political parties when they were unable to secure secure a ticket from their preferred areas. While the gamble ended with a favourable outcome for some, it did not work out so well for others.   Sitting Shiv Sena corporator-turned-rebel candidate Nana Ambole and his wife Tejaswini had joined the BJP, but Tejaswani lost the seat in ward 203. However, Prabhakar Shind...

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