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No hospital beds for Asymptomatic Covid patients...


The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Monday reiterated its policy of handling hospital beds for Covid-19 patients after returning to Mumbai due to shortage of beds in private hospitals over the weekend. The...
Low mortality rates show virus has lost its sting : I. S. Chahal...


Mumbai: The number of Daily Covid cases in Mumbai rose by 7,000 last week to 19,000. As a precautionary measure, night curfew has been imposed in the city and state of Maharashtra. As an extra precaution, the Mumbai M...
BMC disconnects sewage lines...


Mumbai: The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has started to disconnect the sewage lines of properties whose owners have failed to pay property taxes.  BMC is disconnecting the watershed of default-owned b...

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BMC Elections opinion polls & surveys

Date Agency SS BJP INC MNS NCP Others
Feb 2017 India Today-Axis Survey 86 - 92 80-88 30-34 5-7 3-6 2-7
Feb 2017 Zee 24 Taas 90 - 95 70-82 27-34 5-7 3-6 2-5
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Past BMC Election Results 2017

Party 2017
Shiv Sena 84
Bharatiya Janata Party 82
Indian National Congress 31
Maharashtra Navnirman Sena 07
Nationalist Congress Party 09

Active National Parties

Popular BMC Elections news

BMC decided to restore British-Era Cannon...


Mumbai: BMC is set to restore and beautify historic British-era canons inside the Lions Children's Park in Ghatkopar.  BMC recently approved plans to restore two canons that had been lying in the park for several decades.BMC officials said the British had set up canons in several places to protect the coastal city of Mumbai.    Two of these iron canons are 164 years old but strong, the cannons kept at the Lions Child...

BMC Election Photos

Past BMC Election Results 2017 VS 2012

Party Difference 2017 2012
SS + 09 84 75
BJP + 51 82 31
INC - 21 31 82
MNS - 21 07 28
NCP - 04 09 13
OTHERS - 14 14 28