Raj Thackeray has postponed his visit to Ayodhya since recent events have been used to 'trap' MNS workers in legal quagmires

by Web Desk | Published: 22 May 2022

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Despite mockery and criticism, MNS head Raj Thackeray defended his decision to postpone his journey to Ayodhya on Sunday, explaining that he did so after realising that it was a "trap" devised by his opponents in which party workers could have been arrested and imprisoned. He did not, however, name his opponents.
He asserted that "I wanted to go to Ram Janmabhoomi and see where the karsevaks were executed. Some people simply do not comprehend political emotions. Thousands of MNS workers and Hindus from Maharashtra would have followed me there if I had decided to attend. You would have retaliated if something had happened, charges would have been filed against you, and you would have been arrested."
Thackeray announced at an indoor gathering in Pune that he will have surgery on June 1 and that after healing, he will address a public meeting again. He said, in defence of his stance on Uttar Pradesh migrants, "Show me one agitation that I stopped in the middle of. Due to the MNS agitation, 66-70 toll nakas were closed. Are there any other parties who are responsible for the other toll nakas? Pakistani artists were expelled from the country. Back then, where were these folks yelling about Hindutva?"
He stressed that if loudspeakers atop mosques do not meet the noise laws, MNS workers will resume agitation. Thackeray had previously requested that his supporters play 'Hanuman Chalisa' outside mosques where azaan was being broadcast over loudspeakers. He referred to the Dubs Rana Couple and the Shiv Sena as "frauds."
He questioned why no apology was sought from Congress-turned-BJP politician Alpesh Thakore for the migrant labour migration from Gujarat a few years ago, in a veiled attack on the BJP. This was in response to BJP MP Brij Bhushan Singh's demand that he apologises for insulting North Indians. He said the BJP should have subdued his party's MP for conducting a campaign against his Ayodhya visit, without identifying the party.
In the wake of a controversy over an AIMIM leader's recent visit to Mughal ruler Aurangzeb's tomb in Maharashtra's Aurangabad city, the MNS president urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi's government to rename Aurangabad Sambhaji Nagar and implement the Uniform Civil Code.
Image Courtesy: Twitter @FinancialXpress