The BJP's plan of putting pressure on MVA over OBC quotas in local governments backfires

by Web Desk | Published: 10 May 2022

BMC Elections 2022
The Bharatiya Janata Party's plan of putting pressure on the Shiv Sena-led Maha Vikas Aghadi administration to repeal the 27% OBC quota in local bodies backfired after the Supreme Court declared on Tuesday that there would be no OBC quota in the  upcoming local body elections in BJP-controlled Madhya Pradesh.
The BJP stepped up its onslaught on the MVA government last week, calling it "killers" of the OBC quota after the Supreme Court ordered the State Election Commission to announce a pre-poll process for elections to Maharashtra's civic and local councils. Devendra Fadnavis, the Leader of the Opposition, led the charge, accusing the state administration of wasting two years compiling empirical data on OBCs, which was required as part of the state's triple test. He also accused the MVA government of being "dishonest" when it came to the OBC quota.
The BJP, on the other hand, made a sad figure on Tuesday, when the Supreme Court ordered the Shivraj Chauhan-led government in Madhya Pradesh to finish compiling empirical data on OBCs and declared that the MP Backward Class Welfare Commission's report 'by itself was not triple-test compliance.' Despite several attempts to reach out to BJP leaders, including Fadnavis, none were willing to comment on Tuesday's highest court verdict.
However, senior NCP Minister and Samata Parishad Chairman Chhagan Bhujbal were quick to point out that the BJP had now fallen into its trap. Bhujbal, a renowned OBC politician, alleged that the RSS, the BJP's parent organisation, was in favour of abolishing reservations across the country.
Bhujbal blamed the BJP for the OBCs losing their quota across the country, and requested that it be restored as soon as possible by seeking the Prime Minister's assistance. He also stated that the Centre should introduce an order to reinstate the OBC quota in local governments.
"In the entire country, no state has passed the triple test." Even states ruled by the BJP have not completed the triple test. However, some BJP supporters filed court cases in an attempt to cause problems for the MVA government. This has come at a high cost to the country, as the OBCs now have no quota. "The BJP has fallen into the same trap they dug to trap the MVA government," Bhujbal alleged.
"The MVA government has pleaded with the Centre to release empirical data on OBCs." The OBC reservation in the country today would not be jeopardised if that had been given. Tushar Mehta, the state's solicitor general, was defending the Madhya Pradesh administration. "The BJP attempted to play two games," Bhujbal claimed.
Image Courtesy: Twitter @Dev_Fadnavis