Mumbai: An NGO compiles a scorecard for the city's 31 MLAs; see the findings here

by Web Desk | Published: 27 Jul 2022

BMC Elections 2022
Amin Patel, a leader in the Congress, Parag Alavani, a member of the BJP and Sunil Prabhu, a member of the Shiv Sena, took the top three rankings for effective performance as legislators, respectively. They were ranked by the NGO Praja foundation, which examined data on 31 MLAs from Mumbai, including their attendance in meetings, the number of issues they brought up during those meetings, their academic qualifications, their criminal histories, and how they used development funding.
The NGO's research highlighted the fact that two Sena MLAs—Ravindra Waikar and Prakash Surve—and Rahul Narvekar of the BJP—recently elected assembly speaker—lagged considerably behind in the aforementioned metrics. Praja claims that Patel, Alavani, and Prabhu placed first, second, and third, respectively, with scores of 81.43 percent, 79.96 percent, and 77.19 percent. Surve received the 30th rank with 29.76%, Ravindra Waikar received the 31st rank with 28.52%, and Narvekar received the 29th place with 31%.
From the 2019 assembly's winter session until the 2021 monsoon session, Praja ranked the MLAs. The NGO gathered information on how many assembly sessions were called in 2020 from 19 states in order to delve deeper. According to the research, which explained that Covid reduced assembly sessions in 2020, Maharashtra came in at number ten. As a result, fewer queries were raised. Only 574 queries were raised by MLAs in the second year of the 14th legislature (2019–2021), compared to 11,049 in the second year of the 12th assembly (2009–2014).
The report noted that, compared to prior sessions between 2014 and 2016, fewer questions were asked about fundamental issues like housing, education, and health from the 2019 winter session to the 2021 monsoon sessions. 1,107 questions on health, 1,064 about crime, and 1,297 about education were asked during the 13th assembly term (2014–2019).
In the sessions of the current tenure, concerns about housing, crime, education, and health totalled 378, 238 on education, and 304 on crime. CEO of Praja Foundation Milind Mhaske commented on the findings, saying, "Covid touched all sectors, but the most affected were Health and Education, which required significant attention from the state legislative. Therefore, a meeting of the Maharashtra Government was urgently required in order to reach a consensus.