The BMC's monsoon mitigation techniques are ineffective

by Web Desk | Published: 04 Jul 2022

BMC Elections 2022
The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation claimed that frequent flooding areas like Hindmata in Parel, Gandhi Market in Sion and Chembur Circle would not be affected by this monsoon. However, the local body's remedial attempts, such as erecting underground holding tanks in chronic flood-prone regions during the monsoon - Hindmata, Parel and Milan Subway, Santacruz - have done little to reduce flooding in the city; in fact, the number of waterlogged areas has increased.
The continuous downpour since June 29 has resulted in flooding at the customary locations, raising concerns about the effectiveness of the civic measures. Congress and BJP have requested that the BMC management explain the situation. The BMC has identified 386 flooding locations throughout the city, with various activities completed to address 312 of these. Work on eight further locations is in the planning stages, and 33 locations will be completed by the following monsoon.
The remaining 33 locations are on public or private property. In the city's 24 administrative wards, 487 pumps have been erected in habitually flooded regions. Tanks have been constructed to hold excess rainwater from Hindmata, which will be pumped out into nullahs once the rains stop. A pumping station has been built in the space beneath the Hindmata flyover to push water to both tanks via a pipeline. The BMC planned to store six crore litres of water in the Dadar tank and four crore litres in Parel in two phases.
Expansion work at the St. Xavier's ground has been finished, while construction on another tank (Phase 2) at the Pramod Mahajan Kala Park in Dadar West is expected to be completed by the following monsoon.
This project's cost has now surpassed Rs 190 crore. A comparable tank is being built in the Milan Subway and is scheduled to open in October 2022. According to the BMC, the tank can still store water for a few hours. The project will cost roughly Rs 33 crore. The BMC has built a tiny pumping station near Matunga's Gandhi Market that can pump out 2.33 lakh litres of floodwater per minute.
Image Courtesy: Twitter @fpjindia