Shiv Sena criticises the BJP for its attacks on rivals as the Chinese army occupies the area in Ladakh

by Web Desk | Published: 05 Aug 2022

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On Friday, the Shiv Sena attacked the federal government, claiming that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which is in power, was happy to raid its rivals while the Chinese army seized wide swaths of land in Ladakh and rebels raised their flags. The party also urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah to visit Kashmir, which Pakistan has "swallowed," as part of the 75th-anniversary celebrations of India's independence.
The renegade MLAs Uday Samant, Dada Bhuse, and Deepak Kesarkar, who have discovered a new "vigour" of Hindutva, should also be brought along. This will serve as an example. In an editorial published in its mouthpiece "Saamana," the ruling party claimed that "the Chinese army has entered Ladakh and taken control of 38,000 square kilometres of land, and separatists are raising their flag in Kashmir, while the ruling party is feeling good by resorting to raids on opponents and arresting them."
The party said that the distinct flag for Kashmir was also eliminated with the repeal of Article 370. Kashmir had been proclaimed to be "100%" a part of India by Modi and Shah. But there has been no discernible improvement in the plight of Kashmiri Pandits or the separatists' "dirty games."  The People's Democratic Party (PDP) leader Mehbooba Mufti received criticism from the Center for continuing to use the Kashmir flag as her Twitter profile image.
Mehbooba Mufti's Twitter profile image features a photograph of Prime Minister Modi standing with the tricolour and her father, the late Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, standing with the Kashmir flag.  The party said it lacks the confidence to take action against Mufti in a dig at the Centre. The Parliament repealed the exceptional provisions of Article 370 on August 5, 2019.
Image Courtesy: Twitter @thefirstindia