Possible scenarios based on the result which comes out tomorrow

by Web Desk | Updated: 2017-02-22

If exit polls are anything to go by, then the BMC Polls is expected to dish out a fractured mandate with none of the parties getting any majority.
The India Today-Axis Polls has given Shivsena a slight edge with 86-92 seats, whereas the Zee 24 Taas exit poll has given Shivsena a little better seats, that of 90-96 seats
BJP is coming to a close 2nd with both the exit polls giving around 80 seats to the ruling state government.
Congress is expected to reduce its tally to somewhere close the to 30 seat mark and the other parties notable NCP, MNS, SP and AIMIM will get single digit seats.
If the above is the expected possibility, then these are the various scenarios
If Shiv Sena gets 90-100 seats – It may not need BJP and could get smaller parties and independents to support it.
If BJP gets 90-100 seats – It could manage a majority with the backing of independents and other smaller parties.
If both Sena and BJP get 60-80 seats each – They may need each other to cobble up the majority or one of them may have to run the corporation like a minority government.
Will NCP go with Sena? – This cannot be ruled out altogether if Sena emerges the single largest party. Sharad Pawar had said the Sena will be number one in Mumbai.
Will Congress go with Sena? – This cannot be ruled out either, because in a civic body and at the local government level such understandings do happen. The Sena and Congress have ccome together in Alibaug too.