No hospital beds for Asymptomatic Covid patients

by Web Desk | Published: 30-03-2021

Mumbai Municipal Elections

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Monday reiterated its policy of handling hospital beds for Covid-19 patients after returning to Mumbai due to shortage of beds in private hospitals over the weekend. The Civil Body said that the BMC would provide 80 per cent of the total cod beds and 100 per cent ICU beds in private hospitals.  Hospital beds will be allocated ward level ward rooms (WWRs) at the ward level. "Despite the orders, it is observed that patients are admitted directly to the hospital without informing the WWRs," BMC said. “Covid beds will not be allowed in any public or private hospital for asymptomatic Covid positive patients. 


It is proposed to immediately discharge a Covid patient who has not been admitted to any Covid hospitals to make the beds vacant,”BMC said. The BMC said the hospital bed would not be allowed directly to anyone but only through the 24 ward war rooms.  Hospitals will not accept direct access to these reserved beds. 2,269 Covid beds will be made available in private hospitals [including 360 ICUs] with immediate effect.  This is in addition to the more than 3,000 beds currently vacant in Mumbai for Covid patients,”said BMC Commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal.


Hospital beds will only be allowed through the 24 ward war rooms, so no one should try to buy a positive Covid report directly from the testing labs,”Chahal said. With Mumbai witnessing the second Covid wave, Mumbai could reach 10,000 cases a day in just a few days.  BMC therefore announced these measures to facilitate access to hospitals. “We can't afford another lockdown.  We asked the CM to consider other options.  Although he advised the government to prepare for the lockdown due to the increasing number of cases, this does not mean that the lockdown is inevitable. 


If people follow the rules, it can be avoided,”said Nawab Malik, a Maharashtra minister and NCP leader.All beds in the nursing homes of the local hospital will be occupied by the Assistant Commissioners for the care of Covid-19 patients.  The Bed Ward War Room will be booked on a first-come, first-served basis by Director of Disaster Management Mahesh Norwaker and Chief Coordinator of Private Hospitals.  When Gotham Bhansali is also mentioned,”the policy added. Ward battle rooms are instructed to pay for hospital and ICU beds at the ward level first, as do local nursing homes and hospitals. 



They can then be referred to ESIS hospitals and then to private hospitals and finally to jumbo field facilities.  Once these are acquired, the available beds will be utilized for government and civic amenities. BMC suggested all facilities to activate maximum beds to accommodate the increasing number of covid patients.  According to a notification issued by the Maharashtra government, they have been asked to ensure continuous supply of oxygen, ventilator and medical oxygen.  The structural consistency of the fire audit of all four facilities is assessed with immediate effect.