Neta's pummel BMC more than 34 Twitter handles, Rs 2 crore/year cost to run them

by Web Desk | Published: 04 Jun 2021

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Mumbai: After Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Power Netas has overturned a controversial decision to pay Rs 6 crore to manage the social media accounts of a private agency and asked the BMC to review the expenditure of Rs 2 crore per year for managing social accounts. In particular, MLAs and corporators across the party alleged that there was no technical analysis to determine the extent of the 34 Twitter accounts.
My back and the other 33 'Twitter handles', many of which have not been examined (see graphic). They want the new tender process to be tracked faster and a new agency to be hired. BMC’s efforts to reach out to citizens through social media platforms like Twitter were welcomed. However, the use of more than 30 handles by the corporation is confusing and also increases the risk of communication overlap or inconsistencies in messaging. 
With a budget of Rs 2 crore per annum, BMC needs to have a more attractive social media presence. It should have a detailed audit of its social media management, and BMC should appoint an agency through a transparent and competent tender process. In July 2019, BMC awarded a contract worth Rs 5.8 crore to S2 without awarding a tender. Infotech International Ltd. to handle 34 Twitter handles until July 2022.
We did not take a tender because the great IT Corporation had awarded the contract to S2 Infotech Inter-Rational, a civil servant told another firm. About 35 staffers, including designers and content creators, have been deployed inwards and departments to handle the handles. BMC chief IS Chahal said that while S2 Infotech International did not respond to a press release, it had received permission from the standing committee to use social media platforms. Create awareness about enterprises and services.
This enabled BMC to acquire its own breaking news space and crack down on fake information in real-time. Chahal said BMC's Twitter presence increased from 35,000 followers in July 2019 to 550.5 thousand, with active campaign posts, regular interventions, and live resolution of complaints. “In fact, during the first wave of Covid, an Instagram account was created because the Twitter account was full of questions and concerns; it has 235,000 followers. 
“To increase the management of social media and other digital PR, BMC submitted a tender in March, but the deadline has been extended from June 10 to July 5 because the online system will be shut down for upgrades. He said the new agency would be hired through this tender process. SP MLA and corporator Reyes Sheikh said the Mumbai police had only one Twitter handle. BMC has 34, which has increased costs and led to confusion. Cybersecurity expert Riteish Bhatia agreed. 
A large population is not on Twitter at first. To connect with citizens, BMC only needs to have one handle. Many unconfirmed handles lead to confusion, which can lead to fake accounts being used to find false information,” he said. A Letter sent by Sheikh to Chahal, The tender for hiring a new agency has been prepared, but some agencies created by a social media mafia in BMC are trying to block it. I request you to direct Disaster Management to cancel the contract ... Give instructions to finalize the new tender. BJP MLA Amit Satham and BJP corporator Vinod Mishra also wrote to Chahal asking him to track the new tender as soon as possible. BMC should conduct an audit to see its performance compared to other agencies. "We will file a complaint in the Lokayukta," he said.