Congress and NCP blames PM Modi for problems in Vaccination drives

by Web Desk | Published: 01-05-2021

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Mumbai: The Congress and the NCP have slammed the NDA government for failing to carry out a campaign against vaccination campaigns following Prime Minister Narendra Modi's failure to provide vaccines across the country.  Modi must take responsibility.  He had announced a vaccination drive for 18-44 year olds The NDA has failed to provide enough vaccines,”said Nawab Malik, a spokesman for the NCP. 


Discussions about giving vaccines have been going on for a long time but the complete lack of planning derailed the drive.  Modi should explain to the nation why the delay occurred.  The state BJP leadership has also failed to put pressure on the NDA government to procure enough vaccines,”Malik said.  Congress spokesman Sachin Sawant Malik.  Modi must take responsibility. 


The NDA government has failed miserably in tackling the Covid-19 epidemic.  Now a blame game is going on and the BJP is trying to shift the responsibility,”he said Sawant said the NDA government had announced a week ago that the biggest vaccination drive for 18-45 year olds would be launched from May 1 and asked the state governments to prepare basic facilities for this.  Our government is ready with basic facilities and manpower, but no vaccines.  Absolutely not planned,”Sawant said.


Sawant pointed out that Modi had not learned any lessons when he launched the war-time vaccination drive around the world. We pay a heavy price as there is a huge jump in Covid deaths.  Although we were not able to start the drive for young people, even vaccinations for 45+ year olds were discontinued because vaccines were not available,”Sawant said.