BMC collect 39 lakh from the Mass-Less in Mumbai

by Web Desk | Published: 28-03-2021

BMC election results 2022

Mumbai: BMC, police and railways have fined Rs 39 lakh to 19,262 people found unmasked.  The total fines collected by the three agencies since last March have crossed Rs 46.87 crore.  So far, more than 2.3 million people have been fined for not wearing masks.  On Friday, BMC fined 13,689 people and recovered Rs 28 lakh. 


Police fined 5,000 people and recovered Rs 10 lakh from them.  Railways fined 573 people and recovered Rs 1.14 lakh. With the increase in Kovid-19 cases in the city, the BMC has stepped up its efforts to impose fines on those who do not wear masks.  BMC estimates that about 20,000 people are fined every day and an average of Rs 40 lakh is collected from them. 


Police have so far levied a fine of Rs 4.34 crore for not wearing a mask and a fine of Rs 35 lakh.  Last month, Mayor Kishori Pednecker instructed BMC's clean-up marshals to impose fines on those who do not wear masks.  There have been numerous reports of marshals behaving badly and arguing with people.  He asked the marshals to take photos and videos of people who had mistreated them and report it to their work supervisors.