BJP arguing for no more lockdown in Mumbai

by Web Desk | Published: 29-03-2021

BMC Election 2022

Sate president of Bharthiya Janata Party, Chandrakant Patil the total lockdown could not be a practical option to seize the Covid 19-pandemic.  The BJP on Monday strongly opposed the state government's move to come up with other effective measures to combat the virus.  He pointed out that this adversely affects day labourers in the unorganized sector.   


State BJP president Chandrakant Patil said the total lockdown could not be a practical option to control the Covid 19-pandemic. Unfortunately, those sitting in a protected environment in Matoshri cannot understand the problems of the common man,”Patil said, warning of another lockdown in the state during the attack on Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. During the lockdown, workers in the unorganized sector are most affected.  They carry one crore of the population of the state. 


Their contribution to the GDP growth of the state cannot be ignored.  If there is a lockdown, how will these workers get their livelihood?  Whether they are street vendors or day labourers, they will be out of work and out of money,”said Patil.