To design, construct and operate an underground Priority Sewerage Tunnel between Borivali and Malad, BMC issues a work order

by Web Desk | Published: 06 Oct 2022

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A work order for the 5.8 km subterranean Priority Sewerage Tunnel-1 between Borivali and Malad has been issued by the BMC.
Even though the project's anticipated cost is over 571 crores, the Ministry of Climate Change and the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) has already approved it. According to the civic official, the project has also gotten the chief forest conservator's final approval and operating permission.
The Greater Mumbai Municipal Corporation (MCGM) is planning to build two tunnels, a sewerage pumping station at Dahisar, and a wastewater treatment facility in Versova as part of the ambitious Mumbai Sewerage Disposal Project (MSDP). Around 2,000 crores of rupees were spent on MSDP overall. The Priority Sewerage Tunnel-1, which connects the Don Bosco school in Borivali (West) with the Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTP) in Malad, is a component of this project.
To transport wastewater from nullahs and pumping stations together into the sea in Erangal, Malad, an underground sewerage tunnel will be built (West). The project will be completed in three years. For the project's Malad mangrove patch, a coastal regulating zone and forest clearance were required. The BMC has hired experts to research and draught tenders for Malad WwTF as the process of obtaining required clearances got underway.
"Since we have all the necessary approvals, a contractor has been given the go-ahead to design and construct a tunnel using the segment lining method. The inner diameter of the sewer tunnel, which has a length of 5.8 kilometres, is 3.2 metres." "The tunnel will be between 15 and 16 metres underground. The project, which is anticipated to be finished in 2025, will also improve the quality and dependability of wastewater collection, treatment, and disposal over 25 years "the city official stated.