Though Covid 19 cases drop in the state, Mumbai sees rise

by Web Desk | Published: 10 Oct 2021

Though Covid 19 cases drop in Maharashtra, Mumbai sees rise
The prevailing condition of Covid 19 in the state of Maharashtra is seen decreasing in the caseload but the situation in the city of Mumbai has not been better yet, as it still records a rise in cases. The city on Sunday recorded 445 new cases of Covid 19 bringing the tally for the month to 4,733. Which makes an average of 473 cases each day.
The mortality in the city of Mumbai on Sunday was recorded six and in the past 10 days taking the tally to 48. It is being speculated that the rise in cases was due to resumption of physical activities which includes the operation of local trains, schools in the city and more and more people travelling in the trains. 
According to the State Surveillance officer Pradeep Awate, the cases though are increasing but the death rate is in control. “There has been death in the city but the intensity has been noticed very less as the vaccination drive was successful in all over the state, we have also been able to bring the death rates significantly down,” stated Pradeep Awate. 
Dr. Ameet Mandot the director of Gut Clinic stated that a situation like this is normal in a pandemic as every pandemic has a plateau stage and there will be some ups and downs in number for some time before it settles down fully. He further stated that though it is a second wave and the citizens need to take precautions. The total number of cases in the city as of now is at 7,48,649 with a fatality rate of 2.1 percent. At present, a total of 5,931 active cases are there in the city of Mumbai.