The Mumbai Fire Brigade has designated 133 housing complexes as those in contempt of fire safety regulations

by Web Desk | Published: 17 Jan 2022

A randomised fire audit executed by the Mumbai Fire Brigade reported 200 of the 223 housing societies examined to be non-compliant with fire safety norms, emphasizing the irresponsible attitude of several housing societies to fire safety regulations. 133 of these housing societies have received notifications from the Mumbai Fire Brigade. The Mumbai Fire Brigade (MFB) has launched new assessments of housing societies and high-rise buildings around the city after receiving widespread criticism following several fire accidents in the city. 


From November 8, 2021, to January 8, 2022, the MFB investigated 223 housing societies across 24 administrative wards for non-compliance with mandatory fire safety criteria as part of their continuous audits. Only 23 of the 223 housing societies randomly examined were confirmed to conform with the fire safety standards. The remaining 200 were revealed to be disobedient. As per MFB data, 133 housing societies have obtained notifications, whereas 67 have demanded additional time to abide by the rules.


Several of the 133 housing societies have been provided alerts to abide by fire safety regulations or face prosecution, as per Hemant Parab, MFB's Chief Fire Officer (CFO). "We have granted notices to many in the last three months, while others would be issued notices fairly soon, and the investigation will continue from occasionally," he says. The audits and inspections will continue, and our teams will visit and check more housing societies. If we discover any problems, infractions, or non-compliance, we will send them notices as well. These housing societies will be punished if they do not take action and comply with the rules within the following 120 days of being served with notifications.


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