The BMC has released the draft voter list

by Web Desk | Published: 24 Jun 2022

BMC Elections 2022
The BMC announced on Friday that it had finished a draught of the voters' list for the upcoming civic body elections and that the draught had been posted on the MCGM website. According to BMC, the number of voters has increased this year. This year's list includes 7,12,925 new voters. On June 23, the BMC published their ward-by-ward voter list and allowed citizens until July 1st to contact them with any complaints or adjustments.
BMC will publish the final list on its website on July 9. For state assembly elections, the civic body used a voter list prepared by the election commission. According to Dr. Sanjiv Kumar, Additional Municipal Commissioner, "We used voter lists created by the Election Commission and divided them into wards. The city is divided into 236 electoral wards. Citizens should verify the website to see if their name, address, and age have been submitted to the correct ward."
Kumar urged citizens to approach the respective administrative ward to the assessment department if they cannot find their name, if it is incorrectly included in another ward, or if there is any spelling or typographical error, and get it repaired in the voter list. Citizens who live outside of India can mail their corrections to MCGM.
According to the BMC, there were 91,64,125 voters in 2017, with a projected increase to 98,770,50 voters in 2022. According to the data, there has been an increase of 7,12,925 votes in the last five years. Following the Supreme Court's judgement on May 4, the State Election Commission (SEC) urged the BMC to carry out additional procedures for the next election. As a result, on May 30, the BMC held an electoral ward reservation lottery at Rangsharda theatre in Bandra, with 118 wards designated for female candidates.
There are 15 reserved seats for scheduled castes and two reserved seats for scheduled tribes. Eight seats will be designated for SC women candidates and one seat will be reserved for ST women candidates. Following that, BMC received 232 ideas and objections. BMC published its final draught on Monday, June 13th, with no revisions.