Rs 10,000 to every child in the State of Maharashtra who lost their parents due to Covid 19: Maha Govt

by Web Desk | Published: 21 Oct 2021

Maha Govt: Rs 10,000 to every child in the State of Maharashtra who lost their parents due to Covid 19
Recently the Supreme Court nodded a plan which was submitted by the Government of Maharashtra stating that every child in the state of Maharashtra will be given a total sum of 10,000 Rs if he/she has lost their parents due to Covid 19. This was a step by the Maharashtra Government so that the children could meet their educational expenses like hostel fees, school fees, purchase of educational material, etc. This plan of providing an amount of 10,000 to every child who lost their parents due to Covid 19 in the State of Maharashtra, was in response to a court order which stated that a total of Rs 25 crore was with the Supreme Court and had to be returned to the State Government of Maharashtra.
A total of 20,407 children have lost one of their parents due to the Covid 19 infection since last year April 2020. With this in mind, the supreme court wanted the State government to come up with a plan benefitting these children who have been affected by Covid 19. In this regard, Advocate Sachin Patil had reached out to Supreme Court and submitted an affidavit. The affidavit provided three options, out of which the judges of the Supreme Court went for the money to be provided to the children who lost their parents and by that money can meet expenses of their education, hostel and educational material equipment.
“Out of the three options that were kept in front by the State Government of Maharashtra, this option was the best one, and the district task force will be distributing the amount to the children after appropriate filling of application is done,” stated the bench of the Supreme Court, happy with the plan kept fourth by the state government. The bench also assured that this order will not be affecting the recovery of an amount of Rs 20 crore to the Government of Maharashtra, and stated that the directives have already been given by them. 
Image Courtesy: Twitter @thefirstindia