Maharashtra released new prohibitions as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak

by Web Desk | Published: 08 Jan 2022

After consulting the Union Health Ministry and the State Covid taskforce, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray announced on Saturday that the state government has decided not to impose a new lockdown but to apply extra restrictions to discourage gatherings in order to control viral transmission. "We don't want anything to be locked down. Laws and regulations alone will not be able to address such issues, thus it is up to each person to fight the infection by following all rules," Thackeray stated.


He also stated that he had directed agencies, including the police, to take harsh action against anybody who broke the rules. On Friday, Thackeray had continuous sessions with the taskforce, public health, and other ministries to determine new methods to prevent crowding and effectively stop the virus from spreading. "The majority of citizens are eager to obey the rules for their health, but the issue occurs due to the attitude of a small group of people who refuse to follow the regulations and act carelessly.


In the previous two years, he added, the government has improved the health infrastructure. Thackeray established a powerful argument for inoculation, urging individuals who have still not been vaccinated or completed the process to do so as soon as possible. "Vaccination and the practice of always wearing masks and keeping a safe distance minimise the severity of the virus or the death due to Omicron to a minimum," he explained.


He did warn, however, that in some districts where not enough people had been vaccinated, the number of cases will surely rise, and hospital admissions would likely rise. "As a result," he explained, "the government has the option of strengthening regulations in such neighbourhoods."


Image Courtesy: Twitter@CMOMaharashtra