Maharashtra is a 'state of worry,' with a weekly positivity rating of 21.39 percent

by Web Desk | Published: 13 Jan 2022

According to Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) Chief Iqbal Singh Chahal, the number of COVID-19 cases in Mumbai is projected to climb as a result of a recent change in national testing guidelines. "The new adjustment in the National Covid testing recommendations," Chahal continued, "is expected to create a surge in positivity because most of the symptomatic cases would be almost confirmed positive cases."


Conversely, Mumbai found approximately 5,000 more COVID-19 cases on Wednesday than the day before. Throughout the day, seven COVID-19 deaths occurred, taking the cumulative number of COVID-19 fatalities to 16,420. The Maharashtra Cabinet, headed by Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, concurred previously in the day that the COVID-19 status in the state was concerning and determined to emphasis watching, tracking, screening, and inoculation, as well as strict implementation of crowd-control measures. COVID-19 cases total 2,06,046 in the state, with a weekly positive rate of 21.39 percent.


The State Cabinet's ruling came just shortly after the Union Health Ministry designated Maharashtra, along with Delhi and West Bengal, as "states of concern" in a report, noting weekly case positive rates with over 5%. Thane has the highest weekly positivity rate among the 36 districts, at 29.58 percent, trailed by Mumbai at 28.23 percent, Palghar at 24.93 percent, and Raigad at 23.34 percent. Hingoli, on the other hand, has the lowest weekly positive rate of 1.43 percent.


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