Low mortality rates show virus has lost its sting : I. S. Chahal

by Web Desk | Published: 30-03-2021

BMC Election Updates

Mumbai: The number of Daily Covid cases in Mumbai rose by 7,000 last week to 19,000. As a precautionary measure, night curfew has been imposed in the city and state of Maharashtra. As an extra precaution, the Mumbai Municipal Corporation has suggested that private hospitals will not allow direct betting on Covid patients and labs will not report directly to those who test positive.


BMC Hospital beds will be provided for the required beds. The number of vacant beds will increase to 7,000 by the end of the week. "Of the 85,000 cases that have taken place in Mumbai since February 10, 2020, 70,000 are asymptomatic drugs, second only to the lowest mortality rate in the world," says Chahal. The second wave of Mumbai will subside in the next three to four weeks. There is no need to panic as long as the pressure in the hospitals is under the control and distribution of the beds to the patients as long as the mortality rate is under complete control,”Chahal said.