Jaago Mumbaikar group to educate voters before BMC Elections

by Web Desk | Updated: 2021-01-21

Jaago Mumbaikar Group will conduct a survey that will focus on key aspects and responsibilities for the 2022 BMC Elections. Alert citizens will study the municipal wards of corporator and will provide a brief survey about the same to educate the voters before the Brihanmumbai Municipal (BMC) elections 2022.
Many activists claim that BMC elections directly affect one’s quality of life. Voters are very less exposed to the key aspects of municipal wards and corporator, due to which Jaago Mumbaikar Group will survey municipal wards and BMC's responsibilities.
A member from the group said, “Once we have the survey results, we are planning to run a campaign to bring awareness among Mumbaikars. We will also meet all political parties insisting on giving tickets to candidates with a clean record.”
Milind Mhaske, project coordinator, Praja Foundation which has been releasing councilor reports and also training councilors in the city, said, “Around 30-40% of people in the city might still not know about their electoral wards or corporator, though they might know who their MP or MLA