In 2021, the Social Service branch reunites 88 minors with their families

by Web Desk | Published: 10 Jan 2022

The Social Service (SS) Branch, which has been entrusted with dealing with such illegal activities, has not kept quiet during this time and has reunited at least 88 children with their families in the year 2021, even though most brothels have remained closed due to the ongoing pandemic, while dance bars and other similar establishments have yet to reach their full potential. These children include runaways as well as those who have been forced to beg or work as children.


In 2021, the SS branch rescued 49 children who had been forced into child labour from various parts of the city; 26 of them were reunited with their families from the city, state, and other parts of the country, while the remaining 23 were sent to a children's home because their families could not be located. In the year 2020, the SS Branch rescued a total of 39 child labourers, who were all returned to their families.


Last year, the SS Branch took 31 children into custody who were forced to beg, and 29 of those children's custody was returned to their families. The police took 13 youngsters into custody last year after they were spotted begging, and all of them were ultimately returned to their families, according to authorities.


The police found at least 33 runaway kids in 2021, including 29 boys, compared to 26 runaway kids a year ago, including 17 boys and 9 girls. According to authorities, they were able to locate their parents in the majority of cases and reunite children with their families.


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