Gathering should challenge all alone… has solid unit', says Zeeshan Siddique

by Web Desk | Published: 22-02-2021

BMC election results 2022
Congress' Bandra (East) MLA Seshan Siddique, who won the Mumbai Youth Congress election by 88,517 votes, says the opportunity should be contested alone in the subsequent BMC elections.  He told to a national newspaper about the Youth Congress, the corruption within the BMC and the way forward for the Maha Vikas Agadi authorities in the state.  
Excerpts from an interview:
What does this win for the Youth Congress imply to you?
This is the third election I have won. Before that I was the district vice president and then general secretary.  This time elected as the state president.  The Youth Congress made me  and I look forward to working more in the future.  I have become the youngest MLA in Maharashtra and I want Mumbai to have a strong and young face assembly.
What does the Youth Congress do?
We symbolize youth.  There are many points associated with young people that are not raised properly.  As a young MLA, I can raise these issues in Assembly.
The Youth Congress has an in-depth membership process.  Anyone from any background can enrol and become a member and then work for the good of the community and become a voice for youth.
Infighting inside the Congress is frequent information, so was it a shock that some didn’t need you to change into the president of the state youth wing?
When it involves elections, everyone has a democratic right to decide one side?
Everything that happened during the election happened.  I am thankful to that, I got the best variety of votes in Mumbai.  The goal now is a secure organization.
Has the previous yr been difficult?
This is quite different as a result of the unexpected covid-19.  I always see my father as an MLA and get love from his people.  When I became an MLA, I knew I had a huge responsibility on my shoulders.
 Throughout the Covid opportunities I was on the road, I was in touch with everyone and trying to help them in any way I could.  We tried to help a few people who contacted us on social media as it was unlikely to meet people during the lockdown.  It was a difficult process.  I hope we get back to normal soon
What is your expertise working with the MVA authorities?
I am a real congressman and being a part of MVA means that there are like-minded youth with me at different events of MVA.  We have Aditya (Thackeray), Rituraj (Patil) and we have a good relationship with each other. Comes with interruptions, this is common.  But we all have a common goal, which is to improve the state.
What do you assume, ought to the Congress struggle the BMC elections by itself or with its MVA coalition companions?
I think our context should compete with itself.  A few days ago, our Mumbai President Bhai Jagtap made a similar statement.  I agree with the intent as a result of which we got a strong cadre.  We need to give our people a chance to compete in elections.
There are various points within the BMC that we would like to address, for which we need to see our mayor sit in the BMC seat.
Do you face any points relating to improvement in your constituency, as to get work completed, you want an no-objection certificates from the BMC that’s dominated by the Shiv Sena?
There are some issues we face, and I notify my context management every time such points come up.  They are aware of their shortcomings.  There must be a common goal to work for improvement. The work I have to do is for people.  Any advice or complaint I give is for the good of individuals.  I want to act as soon as possible.  It can take months to get an NOC, and as a public consultant I have been to it many times.  What can I do to live up to the expectations of my voters?
I wrote to BMC Commissioner IS Chahal to conduct an intensive audit as there were various allegations of corruption.
Has the BMC responded but?
The BMC hasn’t replied to me but. There are loads of points but to be resolved. As an MLA, it’s my responsibility to tell the authorities, and generally there’s a delay in getting an NOC. 
What is the way forward for the MVA?
We formed the federal government for the betterment of the state.  In all relationships or alliances, there will be some rifts, however we are effectively connecting.  I like the way youth guess, they usually have the courage of an sensors.
Why do you imagine the Congress can crack the BMC elections subsequent yr by itself?
We are a nationwide occasion. If there’s any occasion that has completed effectively for the nation, it’s the Congress. We have successful folks. I walked through the Youth Congress election and saw how good these kids were.  I would request the opportunity to present the opportunity to the children. Who would have thought I would become an MLA when I was 27?  I came here from the Youth Congress.  I have to make sure that many younger candidates get their election tickets.  We will win the seats allotted to those candidates.  It's time for us to get a mayor from Congress.