During the monsoons, BMC will percolate water in its gardens and park

by Web Desk | Published: 16 Jun 2022

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Mumbai receives significant rainfall each year, but there are few opportunities for the water to seep into the soil. When it rains heavily in Mumbai, almost every piece of land is damaged because the water fills the gutters and nullahs but doesn't percolate. BMC tried numerous campaigns to raise awareness of rainwater collection, but they all failed. BMC has now decided to percolate water in its parks and gardens. BMC has so far built 1500 suction pits in 300 gardens throughout Mumbai.
Jitendra Pardeshi, the garden's superintendent, "Since 2021, BMC has been conducting this campaign. Due to concretization, water does not seep into the soil in cities like Mumbai. The campaign's goal is to teach running water to walk so that it can move downward and raise groundwater levels, which refuel wells and bore wells in gardens and the neighbourhood."
The BMC claims that during the monsoon season last year, 4 lakh 5,000 litres of rainwater were absorbed into the ground. Many people are encouraged to implement percolation pits in their properties thanks to informational boards that BMC's Garden department has put up with specific instructions on how to prepare one and its advantages. Pardeshi claims that "No suction pits are funded by BMC. Some NGOs are covering the cost of each suction pit. Suction pit preparation typically costs around Rs. 5000 per pit."
A few years ago, the BMC launched a campaign directing all newly constructed buildings to make plans for rainwater harvesting on their grounds. However, new societies paid no attention to the campaign. The campaign failed because many societies lacked the necessary space for the project and because BMC provided adequate water supply to these structures. The BMC has now started a campaign to build suction pits. In 700 parks and gardens throughout Mumbai, the BMC has planned for 4500 pits. BMC has urged people to build these pits near their buildings.