Despite the new COVID-19 transportation criteria, there has been no impact on the supply chain of vital commodities at the border

by Web Desk | Published: 13 Jan 2022

At Maharashtra's borders, the supply chain for necessary products and supplies has not been disrupted. Although two vaccine doses are now required, trucks carrying grains and critical supplies are passing through the state without incident. According to sources, the government is working on a system that would allow truck drivers to receive second-dose vaccines at the border. Every vehicle, including drivers and cleaners of trucks, trailers, and tempos, had to provide a double vaccine certificate or an RT-PCR negative report 72 hours before entering the state, according to new standards. The truck, trailer organisation, on the other hand, was not pleased, claiming that it would impede the movement of these vehicles, delaying the delivery of important commodities.


"Even with the adoption of the new COVID-19 standards, passage across Maharashtra Borders continues easy and hassle-free." The Maharashtra government's implementation of new COVID-19 criteria, which require a double dose or a negative RTPCR test for entry into Maharashtra by road, has raised considerable worry among the transportation community. Bal Malkit Singh, Chairman - Core Committee, All India Motor Transport Congress, said, "We immediately took up the problem with the authorities and demanded exemptions for drivers who are vaccinated with a single dosage to drive and enter the state" (AIMTC).


The AIMTC has also recommended to the government that the gap between the two doses be narrowed so that people can get their second dose as soon as possible, online checking is expanded, and that the second dose of vaccine be made accessible at the border, all of which the affiliation claims has been considered by the government. "We're always keeping an eye on what's going down at the border, and there haven't been any major issues or delays today." The guidelines have been relaxed by the administration," Singh remarked.


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