Congress MLA Zeeshan Siddique criticize BMC over bed allocation

by Web Desk | Published: 25-04-2021

BMC Election 2022

Bandra East Zeeshan Siddique Congress legislator Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has slammed the tweet that war ward rooms are the only authority to allocate beds.  Siddiqui, who defeated Shiv Sena nominee Vishwanath Mahadeswar, tweeted, "What kind of arrogance is this?  @Why do people tag us for help if MBC is doing all this? 


We appreciate the work you do, but social activists, activists, influencers, politicians, ordinary citizens — all work together to help ordinary people.  We are all one of them.  ‘’ Siddiqui, who has been at the forefront of helping COVID-19 patients with access to beds, medicines, ambulances and food, urged BMC not to undermine the efforts of others to help COVID-19 patients.  He was responding to BMC's tweets regarding bed placement and management for 19 COVID patients in the city.


The BMC said, "Ward war rooms - only the power to allow beds.  We appreciate the concerns of individuals and groups who do not provide BMC assistance to citizens who tweet to us, but citizens should be aware that they will approach us to request beds.  Follow protocols as everyone wishes.  The bed allocation system was decentralized as a single helpline with countless calls could not carry the load alone.  If a war room does not respond as needed, increase the complaint to 1916.  Beds can only be made for war rooms, ”BMC said in another tweet.  In addition, BMC tweeted, "We repeat, please understand that ward rooms have no reason to block beds if they have any beds."  If you do not get a bed, because the beds are full.  

War rooms will update you as soon as possible with an alternative setting.  One bed is needed more than any other.  So, you may have to wait a while.  But only ward war rooms allow bedding.  If you have a complaint about their service, please increase it, '' BMC said.  BMC appealed to Mumbaikars, “Our humble request.  Do not create parallel windows for bed allotment, as this can lead to confusion and confusion.  We only have as many beds as we can, and we add to their numbers on a regular basis as needed.  Follow MCGM protocols