Borivali and Jogeshwari would be the first vegetable and fish markets that BMC aims to create a mall-like appearance

by Web Desk | Published: 13 Sep 2022

BMC News Updation
The BrihanMumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has chosen to give the markets it owns a "mall" or "supermarket" look. In order to adjust the architecture of its two upcoming markets, BMC has given instructions to its architect. i.e., Jogeshwari's Borivali Market and Nawalkar Market. Different floors would be left aside for products, according to BMC's proposal. Fruits and vegetables will have their floor, along with the grocery, fish, and non-vegetarian sections. In addition, BMC will build escalators, and parking spaces, and put up CCTV cameras to ensure that visitors are safe.
In Mumbai, there are approximately 92 BMC vegetable markets with 17,164 registered vendors. Many marketplaces need to be rebuilt because they are in such bad shape. Numerous markets, like Crawford Market and Shirodkar Market (Parel), have already begun to undergo independent rehabilitation by BMC. BMC has somewhere given market committees permission to construct the building by hiring their own developer.
Our licenced sellers were grumbling about the markets, according to Additional Municipal Commissioner Ashish Sharma. They required a split. They had no desire to operate their firms in these well-established markets. We have seen that although we are building it, it is not being turned into a store. Every vendor wants to be on the ground floor where his items can be sold, but this is not possible. We have thus advised the engineers to maintain the fish market on the ground floor with a separate entrance.
Additionally, we have determined that only one item should be maintained on each floor. Additionally, we will maintain a 10-foot walkway on each floor for the convenience of both customers and vendors. Recently, we requested that the architect redesign the Nawalkar Market in Jogeshwari West and the market building in Borivali.