BMC will use Nirmalya to produce organic fertiliser

by Web Desk | Published: 12 Sep 2022

BMC Elections 2022
The Nirmalya (garbage or waste) that was gathered at the Ganesh Idols immersion site will be used by BMC to create organic fertiliser. During the Ganesh immersion site, BMC collected 5,49,515 kg of nirmalya from all around Mumbai. These areas—Bhandup, Andheri West, and Borivali West—are where BMC has gathered the most Nirmalya.
People present Lord Ganesha with garlands, flowers, Durva, and leaves during the Ganesh celebration. The BMC has placed 419 Nirmalya Kalash (big dustbins) in each ward's immersion site in order to collect all of the Nirmalya. 
BMC has received 5.49 lakh Nirmalya from these Kalash as of Anant Chaturdashi. Every ward in the BMC has a system for producing organic fertiliser, and all of the Nirmalya collected there eventually becomes fertiliser that is used in the Mumbai Gardens. BMC transported these Nirmalya to the locations where fertiliser is made using 381 dumpers.
Image Courtesy: Twitter @themaktab