BMC will stop pipeline leaks and contamination with Rs 28 crore

by Web Desk | Published: 03 Aug 2022

BMC Elections 2022
The BMC on Tuesday issued a tender for fixing the water supply network for the upcoming two years in light of the increasing complaints of water contamination brought on by pipeline leaks. The civic organization's hydraulic department will begin patching leaks in Colaba, Fort, Grant Road, Byculla, and Nagpada, which collectively make up A to E wards, in the meantime.
The repairs are expected to cost roughly Rs 28 crore. Most often, leaks occur as a result of pipeline damage done to steal water. The loss percentage should ideally not exceed 15% of the overall supply. But every day, up to 25%, or around 900 million litres, of water is wasted owing to theft and unauthorised connections. Leaks and contamination have typically been reported more in the suburbs. Therefore, the BMC frequently runs ward-level leak detection systems and fixes the pipeline as needed to prevent contamination.
The civic official added, in reference to the five wards' tender, "We have done repair work based on the complaints received in the city districts. A tender has been requested to assign a contract for the following two years, and work is anticipated to begin at the end of the month.
If the pipeline crosses a sewage system, the leaks represent a risk to the public's health. In 2021, the BMC received 11,855 complaints relating to water, of which 29 percent, or 3,434 complaints, were concerning leaks, according to a study on civic issues by the city-based NGO Praja. The remaining 1,369 complaints, or 14%, and 3,914 complaints, or 30%, were about quality and shortage, respectively.