BMC will install CCTV cameras to monitor ongoing road construction work

by Web Desk | Published: 12 Jun 2022

BMC Elections 2022
BMC is always targeted for poor road construction. Opposition parties are always alleging corruption on bad roads. As a result, in order to increase transparency and monitor ongoing road construction work, the BMC will soon install highly equipped CCTV cameras on road construction sites.
According to one of the engineers involved in the project, "The Chief Engineer or Divisional Engineer, as well as the Deputy Commissioner, can open a link on his computer at any time to view the road's progress. Seniors can use this camera to determine whether or not a sub engineer or contractor is present on the job site. There is a face recognition system installed in the cameras, and seniors will receive alerts if sub engineers or contractors fail to visit the site at least once per day."
In addition, the engineer stated "On a trial basis, such cameras are installed on the Barrister Rajani Patel road, which runs from the Trident hotel to Vidhan Bhavan. A link to these cameras will also be provided to the disaster management control room so that flooding and high tide can be monitored."
During the monsoon season, the BMC does not construct roads. As a result, the tender process will begin after October 1st. Ullhas Mahale, Deputy Municipal Commissioner for Infrastructure, stated "We will not tolerate any form of negligence at work. Our high-tech cameras will keep an eye on contractors. We intend to install cameras at each location; however, the proposal has not yet been approved; it is being considered. The quality of the visual and audio will be determined by traffic movement and the atmosphere of the work site "He continued.
Image Courtesy: Twitter @themaktab