BMC will connect and provide all building-related information using a unique 15-digit identification number

by Web Desk | Published: 15 Nov 2022

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The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) currently offers a 15-digit unique identification number that allows citizens to check the requirements for their building online. Aside from that, the BMC will link this identification number to all other building-related documentation, including occupational certificates and fire brigade NOCs. All of the buildings will soon receive unique identification numbers from the city body, which has already begun the procedure. BMC will shortly include details regarding the various permissions granted to the structure. The first stage of administrative work was recently started by Ashwini Bhide, Additional Commissioner for BMC.
Information about different taxes, the approval of water connections, business and health, and stores and enterprises will all be uploaded in the first phase. As a result, material from 12 BMC departments' websites will be added. Following that, individuals can get all the information they require about various rights and BMC services online using their "Unique Identity Number" or "My BMC Building ID." The administration will also profit from this, in addition to the general public. Officers can use this to determine the building's state.
All departments are expected to participate in the project at their level, according to Ashwini Bhide's directive. From 2.3 lakh and 33,000 buildings, the BMC collects property taxes. For the property collection, BMC has given a 15-digit SAC number. A 15-digit myBMCID will be given to each building by BMC, which has made the same decision. In the ensuing 4-5 months, BMC also intended to complete uploading all of the unique ID data. The MCGM website will offer a weblink. The MyBMC app will also offer a comparable link. Google Maps allows users to follow their buildings. Residents can view all the building information on their desktops by clicking on the building.