BMC to construct Three Parking Lots

by Web Desk | Published: 01 Aug 2022

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In order to relieve congestion in areas where parking is in high demand, the BMC intends to build subterranean parking facilities. As a result, a tender for the development and upkeep of underground electro-mechanical parking in the Fort region was launched. At Zaveri Bazar and Matunga, two additional robotic parking structures have also been suggested. According to local officials, this will result in the creation of about 1,200 parking spaces in these congested locations. It is anticipated that work on this project will begin in September.
Around 29 Public Parking Lots (PPLs) are managed by the civic authority throughout the city. The majority of people choose to park their cars on the street, which frequently causes traffic congestion. To address this issue, the BMC intends to build  underground parking facilities in each zone. At Flora Fountain in south Mumbai, a five-level underground parking system has been planned, built, and maintenance is being sought. The parking structure must be subterranean due to the area's designation as a heritage precinct. An official from the local government stated,
"The contract period for building of the subterranean parking lot would be 15 months, and the contractor will be responsible for annual maintenance for the next 20 years." Ulhas Mahale, the Deputy Municipal Commissioner for infrastructure, claims that the tender for underground parking at two locations has already been opened, and construction is scheduled to begin in September. At Matunga and Zaveri bazaar, the civic estate department has space for subterranean parking. Around Rs, 280 crores will be spent on the project, according to another official.