BMC tells ward officers to take over the beds in private hospitals

by Web Desk | Published: 30-03-2021

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Mumbai: At the speed of the second Covid wave, the BMC chief has empowered ward level officials to take control of the beds in private hospitals in the respective areas to handle the Covid cascades in the city.  He said police officers could be enlisted to facilitate the process if necessary and to prevent private facilities from avoiding a centralized bed allocation system. 


Officers can deploy teachers or other staff in shifts to find bed allotment in nursing homes.  In the wake of the rapid rise in Covid cases, the Civil Corporation reiterated the need to streamline hospital bed allocation through their war room.  It will follow a hierarchical order of filling nursing homes in each area before submitting cases to large associations.  Since the outbreak, the state has enacted the 80:20 laws, which allows local governments to manage up to 80% of the bed capacity in private hospitals. 


The remaining 20% is at the hospital's own discretion.  In a circular issued on Monday, BMC Commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal said the policy has been strengthened to keep sick Covid patients at home and ensure that beds are made available to those in need quickly.  .  The memorandum states that hospitals should immediately discharge asymptomatic covid patients to keep beds comfortable for critically ill patients. Covid admits patients directly to hospitals without informing the authorities, despite orders to make beds for them through a centralized ward war room system.  Defines protocols for allocating beds, initially Nursing Homes and Hospitals before Ward Beds War Rooms Isis Hospitals Are Seen as a Second Option. 


If both options do not provide an empty slot, beds in private hospitals should be the option to go.  Lastly, if all else fails, back up the beds at various jumbo field hospitals like Mulund, Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) or Seven Hills.  If beds are not available for these facilities, Apex Government and BMC Hospitals will be the last resort.  

A ward-level official said that in view of the increase in Covid cases, they have already started reserving beds in private hospitals; Orders have been issued to empower the Assistant Commissioners in all the wards. Chahal said police and other staff could be deployed in selected nursing homes to facilitate the process following the fire at the Sunrise Hospital in Bhandup, where nine patients died, and that the structural stability and fire audit of all Covid facilities should be taken over.