BMC decided to conduct fire audit in every hospital

by Web Desk | Published: 29-03-2021

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Three Covid patients died three days after a fire at a mall hospital Mumbai, The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on Monday directed to conduct a structural stability assessment and fire audit of all Covid-19 facilities in the city. In the guidelines issued on Monday, Municipal Commissioner I.S. Chahal directed 147 private, government and civic body hospitals and Covid-19 facilities.


The BMC conducted a similar audit to assess the fire safety of all city hospitals following a fire at the Bhandara District Civil General Hospital in January that killed 10 new-borns.  The civic body had taken over the fire audit of all hospitals in Mumbai run by both public and private ventures, including Sunrise Hospital.  The fire audit found that 762 establishments in 1,178 hospitals and nursing homes did not meet the required standards. 


The main violation is a malfunctioning fire extinguishing system, i.e. lack of fire alarms, sprinklers and smoke detectors.  Other violations include preventing an emergency or fire by making unnecessary articles and making illegal additions to approved projects.  Nine patients undergoing treatment for Covid-19 died in a fire at Dreams Mall in Ghatkopar around midnight on March 25.  Third floor of the mall.  The hospital administration claimed that the mall's fire safety system was out of order while the establishment's firefighting system was operating.


The Maharashtra Fire Prevention and Life Safety Measures Act, 2006 gives owners of limitations 120 days to rectify deficiencies and submit a report to the Fire Brigade. Due to the limited number of personnel involved in the fire brigade, building demolition, tree felling, bird rescue and firefighters are conducting irregular inspections for audit. All institutions are required to submit fire audit reports every six months (January and July) from a government-approved third-party auditor.