BMC arguing for door to door vaccinations programme

by Web Desk | Published: 31-03-2021

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BMC asked the Maharashtra government to take vaccination drive door-to-door across the BMC to surge in the number of beneficiaries getting vaccinated daily. Municipal Commissioner Iqbal Singh Chahal said, “BMC currently vaccines 40,000 to 45,000 beneficiaries daily.  We aim to vaccinate one lakh beneficiaries daily.  We asked the state government for permission to go door to door. 


Without going door-to-door, we can achieve our goal of vaccinating one lakh beneficiaries every day.  BMC decided to take a few steps to achieve this goal.  ” Chahal was speaking at the Jumbo Covid Center in Bandra-Kurla Complex on Tuesday afternoon after receiving his first vaccine dose. From April 1, BMC will start vaccinating all citizens over the age of 45, regardless of whether they have comorbidities.  Currently, as part of the latest phase of the vaccination drive, BMC vaccination against comorbidities is being offered to senior citizens and those over 45 years of age. 300,000 people are citizens over the age of 45, they are my family, according to data collected by the PIC team during my responsible drive.


With permission to vaccinate all citizens over the age of 45, regardless of comorbidities, BMC hopes to get closer to the goal of vaccinating 100,000 Mumbaikars a day.  In a move announced earlier by BMC to ensure that Mumbai can achieve this goal, the vaccination centers are being extended from 9pm to 9pm instead of 5pm.  BMC has asked all private hospitals to extend the time, however this is not mandatory.BMC has sought permission from the central government to set up vaccination centers in 26 other hospitals.  They can access the Co-Win app because we need permission. 


Immunizations are scarce in private hospitals.  Municipal hospitals are already vaccinating 40,000 or more beneficiaries per day.  If the active vaccination centers in private hospitals are targeting 1000 vaccinations per day, we will be able to vaccinate 75,000 beneficiaries per day even if we do not go door to door.  ”  As of Tuesday, 108 vaccination centers were operating 245 sessions per day.  In Mumbai, 538,169 beneficiaries over the age of 60 have been vaccinated.  The city has also vaccinated 97,812 beneficiaries over the age of 45. Commenting on the Central Government's denial of permission to the Civil Body to go door-to-door, Chahal said, “The Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan governments are doing these themselves.  The Maharashtra government sought permission from the Center as it was disciplined.  

But this is not denied.  ” Suresh Kakani, Additional Municipal Commissioner, Public Health, BMC, said on Monday, “Currently, the number of citizens over the age of 45 is comorbidity.  Beneficiaries are afraid to bring medical certificates to validate that they have comorbidities.  They fear that this will disrupt their health insurance systems in the early stages.  ” From April 1, BMC expects polling to increase as people over the age of 45 do not need medical certificates to receive a vaccine shot. 


It also includes those who qualify for the latest phase of the drive from residential buildings, Kakani said.  Most immunization survivors live in slums or from low socio-economic backgrounds. To help with the registration, NGOs and a handful of large government and quasi-government agencies lined up.  NGOs will assist in the registration process, and government and quasi-government organizations have been asked to encourage their employees.  To take vaccinations.



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