Ajay Devgan announces 1cr financial aid to BMC for setting up IU beds in Shivaji Park

by Web Desk | Published: 28-04-2021

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Mumbai: With the help of actor Ajay Devgan, BMC has converted the 20-bed Covid-19 ICU, which includes paramilitaries, ventilators and oxygen support, into the Bharat Scouts and Guides Hall at Shivaji Park. The actor and his friends, including colleagues from Bollywood, donated Rs 1 crore to BMC.
BMC's Business Development Cell received Rs 1 crore from Devgan's NYFatations.  The BMC then proceeded to establish the center during a war. PD Hinduja Hospital had overweight patients.  Locals need IUC beds.  Ajay Devgan is happy to support BMC.  This ICU center will take loads from major hospitals and we will ensure that patients here receive high quality treatment.  It is very easy that PD Hinduja Hospital has come forward because running a facility is not an easy task. 
ICUs are needed today and it will help,”said Visakha Rat, a local Shiv Sena corporator. The center is run by doctors from Mahim's PD Hinduja Hospital, Civic officials said.  “Hinduja Hospital. This 20-bed ICU will be handled and will be an extension of the Hinduja Hospital itself.  They provide all food, linen, medicine and manpower, including doctors and nurses.  Patients will be charged according to the state government rates.  This would be an affordable treatment.  We are very happy to help BMC in this endeavour,”said Joy Chakrabarty, Chief Operating Officer (COU), and PD Hinduja Hospital.  Root said the ICU center will take care of patients from Dadar (west), Mahim and other areas.  

Devgan had taken the initiative to raise funds for the ICU center but senior civic officials said that Bonnie Kapoor and Anand Pandit were also present. Devgan had raised funds last May when BMC arrived at the first failed hospital in Dharavi.  Located in the heart Dharavi was built on 4,000 square meters of land to set up a parking lot for the Mahim Nature Park.  (MNP) belongs to MMRDA.