AIMIM to challenge BMC political race

by Web Desk | Updated: 2021-01-25

BMC election results 2022
Maharashtra: Mumbai Municipal Corporation election will be held on beginning of the next year.  All political parties have started efforts to register their victories in this election. As we know there are a lot of Muslim voters from Mumbai and other provinces. In this way, Asaduddin Owasi's party AIMIM is ready to contest in the Mumbai Municipality in view of these voters.
AIMIM has very successful in Bihar and they send five MLAs from Bihar assembly through the campaign among Muslim and Bihari voters . According to various reports, In this election The MLAs are r going to densely populated areas and the residences of Muslim and Bihari voters in an attempt to influence voters in the favour of the AIMIM. 
However, not only MIM but also many smaller parties in India are coming to this election.  Now, if we talk about it, Mumbai Municipality is the richest municipality in Asia. Moreover, the annual budget of the Municipality of Mumbai is higher than the budgets of many states in India.  You know that the Shiv Sena has been in power for years.  Last time, the BJP had won more than 80 corporate seats.  However, the election of the Mumbai Municipality will be very exciting this time.