AGNI collaborates with schools to spread voter awareness

by Web Desk | Updated: 2017-02-15

Action for good Governance and Networing in India (AGNI) came out with its set of charter of demands on Tuesday. The NGO asked the presidents of political parties to provide basic civic amenities for the citizens of Mumbai.
The charter consisted of demands for good roads, potable water supply, encroachment free city and quality of education in civic schools among others. “We want the parties to implement these. We will follow up with them to ensure that our demands are met,” said Shyama Kulkarni of AGNI.
AGNI has also partnered with Anjuman-I-Islam, Archdiocesan Board of Education and Jamnabai Narsee School to spread awareness among voters. “We conducted a rally wherein students were students were asking people to vote, to ensure that there is higher voter turnout. The get rid of idea of undesirable people it is necessary to have high voter turnout. An audio is also being circulated that encourages people to move out and vote,” said Dr. Zahir Kazi, president of Anjuman-I-Islam School.
“Around three lakh parents are covered through Catholic schools and as many through schools run by Anjuman-I-Islam as well. As a result of which, around 60% non-voters are converted into voters,” said Kulkarni.
Principal Paul Machado of Campion School said that students were circulating WhatsApp messages asking people to vote. “We are also asking children to write letters to their parents that encourages them to vote,” he said.
Kulkarni also added that they have made demands for clean toilets as well. “A number of girl children drop out of schools because there are no clean toilets. This despite a separate provision made for it,” she said.
Charter of Demands
1. Good and well maintained roads and pavements.
2. 24X7 clean and potable water supply.
3. Systematic solid waste collection and scientific disposal linked to property tax relief
4. All public open spaces, including beaches, to be maintained by MCGM funds but supervised by citizens.
5. Strictest vigil to stop encroachments and illegal constructions, and prompt action against illegalities
6. No development to be entertained that damages environment
7. Accommodate hawkers in municipal markets, without creating third party interests in them.
8. No release of untreated sewage into the sea or water bodies. Upgrading technology of pumping and sewage treatment stations
9. Radically improve quality of education in BMC schools