2-degree rise at night; rainfall in Mumbai

by Web Desk | Published: 27-04-2021

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Mumbai: In the last 24 hours, Mumbai has seen a rise of two degrees Celsius at night. The minimum temperature recorded at the Santa Cruz Observatory in India was 27.8 degrees Celsius, 2.4 degrees above normal.  Meanwhile, on Sunday, April 25, the minimum temperature in Mumbai was 25.8 degrees Celsius, one degree above normal. According to a forecast shared by IMD, Mumbai and Thane districts are likely to receive light rains this week, as a result of climate change in some parts of central India. 


“Isolated showers and thunderstorms are expected in the eastern part of the state.  There may be a few drops of rain in Mumbai this week, which could lead to higher humidity, “he said, adding that long-term rainfall is also forecast from June to September.  The Meteorological Department has forecast a favorable monsoon in India due to favorable changes in the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. The monsoon in India is usually from June to September. 


Large areas of western and central India receive more than 90 per cent of the total annual rainfall during this period, while south and north-western India receive 50 to 75 per cent of their total annual rainfall.  This season is very important for the farmers as the crops depend on this period to provide the required supply to the citizens throughout the year.