Sanjay Raut criticises Maharashtra CM Eknath Shinde's trip to Davos and demands that projects worth 2.5 lakh crore that went to Gujarat be returned first

by Web Desk | Published: 16 Jan 2023

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When projects at home went to Gujarat "under his nose," according to Raut, there was no purpose in Shinde travelling to Switzerland to attract business to Maharashtra. Shinde departed for Davos on Sunday but will return earlier than planned because Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be in Mumbai on January 19. Modi will be in Mumbai to dedicate a number of infrastructure initiatives.
Devendra Fadnavis, the Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra, was also scheduled to accompany Shinde to the WEF but cancelled to take charge of PM Modi's preparations. "I'm not sure what Davos will mean for Maharashtra. Bring back the projects and investments that were taken from under your nose first, though " It would be beneficial if he (Maha CM Eknath Shinde) could return from his 2-day trip to Davos with investments totaling 5 lakh crores.
"But 2.5 lakh crores worth of projects have already left Maharashtra and moved to Gujarat. The CM ought to travel to Gujarat first and retrieve those, according to Raut, as reported by ANI. However, Shinde is certain to produce significant gains for Mumbai, India's financial centre, and Maharashtra.
Image Courtesy: Twitter @rautsanjay61