MPCC Chief Nana Patole Accuses BJP of Undermining Social Harmony in India

by Web Desk | Published: 25 May 2023

During his address at the Minority Cell Executive Meeting at the state party headquarters in Dadar, MPCC President Nana Patole expressed his views on the impact of the BJP government on social harmony in the country. Patole highlighted that the rich cultural fabric of India, known as the Ganga-Jamuna culture, encompassed people from various faiths and castes living together harmoniously.



However, he remarked that this unity and diversity started to decline after the BJP came to power in 2014. Patole stated that over the past nine years, the BJP government at the Centre has been diminishing the true identity of India.


During his address, MPCC President Nana Patole criticized the BJP government for its approach to politics, highlighting several concerns. He accused the government of undermining democracy and disregarding the country's Constitution. Patole further alleged that the BJP engages in divisive politics by exploiting caste and religion for their own gains. He pointed out that during the Karnataka Legislative Assembly elections, the BJP raised religious issues such as the hijab, but the electorate saw through these tactics, leading to candidates who promoted such issues losing their deposits.


Concerns and Criticisms Surrounding BJP's Political Approach

Patole emphasized that people are now distancing themselves from the BJP due to their manipulation of caste and religious matters for political purposes. He cited the example of Karnataka, where the people rejected the BJP's divisive politics. He also mentioned Manipur, where the BJP promised a "double-engine government," but the current situation there is troubling. Patole criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not giving attention to the unrest in Manipur, suggesting a lack of concern for the burning issues in the region.
Former Chief Minister Ashok Chavan attacked the BJP's use of the analogy of two engines, saying that only one engine needs to be running at a time. Additionally, he expressed gratitude to the minority population for their role in the party's success in Karnataka.
BJP's Struggles in Securing Election Victories
Former Chief Minister Ashok Chavan criticized the BJP's claim of a "double engine" government, stating that such an analogy is only necessary when one engine fails to function. He also expressed gratitude to the minority community for their support in the party's victory in Karnataka.
Chavan attributed the splitting of minority votes in Maharashtra to the MIM and BRS parties, which he believed ultimately benefits the BJP. He called for unity within the minority community and emphasized that standing behind Congress would be instrumental in bringing the party back to power.
Former minister Naseem Khan highlighted attempts made in certain areas of Maharashtra, such as Sambhajinagar and Akola, to disrupt the social harmony by fueling religious animosity. He accused the RSS and BJP of spreading hatred, contrasting their actions with Rahul Gandhi's courageous fight against them.