LoP Ambadas Danve criticizes state report card by Governor Ramesh Bais

by Web Desk | Published: 02 Mar 2023

BMC Elections 2023
Ambadas Danve, the leader of the opposition in the Legislative Council, asserted that Maharashtra has not profited in any manner from the state government's initiatives, which Governor Ramesh Bais highlighted in his speech. Danve responded to the Council's concerns point by point, asserting that the present state administration has no interest in Maharashtra and has adopted the 39 programs of the former MVA administration. According to Danve, construction of the 26,000 km of roads began in 2000 rather than 2014, and industrialists' families have been unnecessarily appointed to the Board to provide recommendations for MAITRI (the Maharashtra Industry, Trade, and Investment Facilitation Scheme).
Danve claimed that thousands of people in the state remain homeless despite the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana's famed success. Every home can have a tap, as has been advertised, but the government must supply water for it to be useful, he continued. Danve blasted out that the State Government wouldn't do anything because only the Central Government would. He questioned the government further by asking about the Jai Jai Maharashtra song, which now only contains the first three stanzas of the original song. "I have heard from ruling party leaders that several citizen-oriented decisions have been taken by the state, but what about the implementation?" he asked.
According to him, it's unclear what the governor thinks about the Maharashtra-Karnataka border issue. He claimed that during the government's trip to Davos, enterprises operating in Maharashtra were displayed as having British and American roots, and contracts were made to demonstrate the infusion of foreign investment. The government stated 3,500 jobs were offered to residents in Gadchiroli, but only 513 local Adivasis have received employment, according to Danve.
According to the request made to the Center, he claimed that Maharashtra has good-grade cotton lying with farmers concerning imports of cotton from Australia. He also disregarded several other state achievements.
Image Courtesy: Twitter @iambadasdanve