BMC Repairs Hazardous Grill Gutter On Road Near Kemps Corner

by Web Desk | Published: 14 May 2023

The BMC took action to repair an iron grill gutter on the road near Kemps Corner on Saturday night in order to prevent bicycle tyres from getting stuck. A biker named Premal Vashani had suffered injuries to his face and hand when his bicycle tyre got caught in the grill earlier. According to other bikers, BMC could take additional measures to reduce the risk to cyclists, such as changing the orientation of the iron grills in the city.
Previously, the BMC had welded an iron plate into the gap where the tyre got stuck, but cyclists were not satisfied with the modification as they believed it still posed a risk. They were also unhappy with the fact that the BMC had not paid attention to the other side of the gutter grill.
On Saturday, cyclists visited the location and took pictures showing that the tyre still fit into the gap even when the rider was not present. They warned that it could be more dangerous if the tyre got stuck when a person was riding the bicycle and accidentally rode over the grill.
An engineer claimed that they had closed the gap on Saturday night. Cycling enthusiasts expressed their happiness that BMC had acknowledged the issue and planned to fix other grills throughout the city. Premal Vashani commented that the repair had been done perfectly.
Amrish Vora, another biker who had tagged BMC in the video of Premal's accident, expressed the hope that authorities would consider the safety of cyclists while carrying out road work in the future.