BMC Launches Comprehensive Road Concretization Project Citywide

by Web Desk | Published: 20 May 2023

In an effort to eliminate potholes within the city, the BMC has launched a comprehensive road concretization program across various areas. As a significant step in this initiative, the civic authorities recently opened a tender for the Malad and Kandivali regions on Friday. With an estimated budget of approximately Rs155.59 crore, the project is scheduled to commence after the monsoon season.



The city boasts an extensive road network spanning approximately 2,000 kilometers, of which approximately 1,000 kilometers have already undergone the process of concretization.

With the aim of achieving a pothole-free road infrastructure, the BMC has made a resolute decision to concretize all remaining roads within the next two and a half years. In line with this ambitious objective, the BMC has embarked on its largest-ever road work contract, involving the construction of 397 kilometers of roads at a projected cost of Rs 6,080 crore for this year.


The work order for this monumental project was issued in January, and the concretization work has commenced in phases. Presently, the concretization process has begun for approximately 86 roads, while the work orders for the remaining roads are currently being processed.


According to a civic official, the roads composed of asphalt and those laid with paver blocks in Malad and Kandivali will be excavated and transformed into concrete surfaces. Additionally, the side strips along these roads will also undergo concretization. The commencement of this work is scheduled for October, as road-related activities are typically halted during the monsoon season.


In a recent development, the BMC has issued a tender valued at Rs84 crore. The authority has instructed all ward officers to identify deteriorated sections of roads and ensure their repair is completed by June 15. This directive aims to address and rectify any existing road hazards promptly.