BMC Elections: This is how you may monitor the funds that your corporators have spent

by Web Desk | Published: 27 Jul 2022

BMC Elections 2022
The Nagarikayan Research Centre has stepped up to assist citizens in assessing the performance of their corporators in light of the approaching BMC elections, which are slated to take place in the following few months. Citizens will be assisted by the centre in reviewing the funds used by their former corporators for the improvement of their civic wards.
The centre has been reviewing the funds that corporators have spent in recent years. A few corporators' report cards have also been made public. Going one step further this time, the centre has made a brief video to instruct the public on how to look up "buy orders" on the BMC website and determine how the former corporators spent the public funds given to them.
The centre has published 56 report cards for 44 corporators during the past six years. "Since the order is now made available online, individuals can monitor and analyse the work of local a corporator," said Anand Bhandare, coordinator, Nagarikayan Research Center.