BMC clarifies 400 km of road construction contract

by Web Desk | Published: 19 Jan 2023

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The 400 km of roads being concreted are being done after a tender process and administrative work in compliance with the procedures and norms stipulated, according to a clarification from the BMC, and contractors are only eligible based on the tender criteria. The civic body added that the duration of the work on these roads was determined after taking into account the time needed for concrete to cure and traffic flow.
The BMC is disseminating all accurate information on the works, according to the civic administration. However, social media channels are used to falsify the truth. Aditya Thackeray, a former Environment, and Tourism Minister had claimed on Tuesday that "the concreting will lead to a Joshimath-like catastrophe in Mumbai, as concrete roads don't absorb water." The clarification was released the next day.
According to the established procedure, the roads chosen to be constructed through tenders are decided upon following receipt of letters from MPs, MLAs, and council members, careful consideration of the assistant commissioner's recommendations for the relevant wards, and a physical inspection of the roads. Additionally, the administration has reviewed the bidders' experience documentation, and the contractors have satisfied the tender's requirements. Taking into account concrete drying time and traffic movement, a timeframe of 24 months (excluding monsoon season) has been deemed reasonable.