According to environmentalists, BMC inspections at building sites are not the only way to minimize pollution

by Web Desk | Published: 30 Mar 2023

BMC Elections 2023
Environmental activists asserted on Wednesday that the BMC's proposal to create task teams to examine construction sites is not the sole way to lower air pollution. They said that the civic organisation does not take any steps to prevent dust despite having dug up multiple city roadways for various projects. The establishment of three task groups at the ward level to carry out the "Air Pollution Mitigation Action" plan has been suggested by the seven-member committee established to advise steps to control dust in Mumbai. According to the report, the task forces will go to every building site in their respective wards once a week to make sure all regulations are being followed. Beginning on April 1, the BMC intends to put the SOPs into effect.
Environmentalists, however, demand that the city body designate a third party or let public engagement while construction sites are being inspected. An activist named Zoru Bhathena stated, "Building construction is not the only issue with air pollution. What steps have been made to lessen dust pollution in the city's highways that have been dug up for various infrastructure projects? The city's civic government has been approving requests to cut down hundreds of trees. Do they guarantee that an equal number of trees are planted elsewhere?
"Sprinkling water is essential for controlling dust, but does the BMC do that?" According to another activist, Stalin Dayanand. "Roads are hardly ever seen being washed. Whenever someone finds problems at construction sites, the BMC should invite them to email images to them via their website. There is a 50% probability of corruption if the civic team visits the locations alone.