Aaditya Thackeray complains to the Center about the lack of efficient oversight of construction activities in Mumbai

by Web Desk | Published: 18 Mar 2023

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Aaditya Thackeray, the leader of the Yuva Sena, wrote to the Centre on Saturday to bring up the problem of Mumbai's air pollution. He criticized the city's massive construction projects and the lack of sufficient management to oversee them. "Mumbai's air quality has continuously received "Bad" to "Very Bad" ratings on the AQI for the last six months (air quality index). There are equally alarming air quality statistics posted for other Maharashtrian cities "he added. 
Construction work is taking place throughout the entire city, generating an enormous amount of dust and pollution, much of which is ignored and uncontrolled. He said that in order to help the Urban Development Agency and local organizations realize the overall consequences of building on the city's ecology, action is required. The former State Environment Minister claimed, "Construction activity in Mumbai is extensive and lacks proper control. Mumbai's air quality index on Saturday was 159, which is classified as "moderate" by the System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research (SAFAR).
Due to Mumbai's worsening air quality, the city's civic government has established a commission to make recommendations for dust control measures. Thackeray said that the city's eastern shore is home to fertilizer and refinery industries, and the area's round-the-clock industrial activity directly affects the city's overall air quality. He claims that those who live close to areas like Mahul or Wadala suffer from poor air quality and offensive odor. Thackeray has urged the centers to inspect and relocate these plants outside of the city.
Additionally, he requested that the necessary city stakeholders in the city's civic administration be instructed to create a climate cell as recommended by the policy plan. With the city's global reputation being at risk because of the G20 activities taking place, most significantly, Thackeray argued, political disputes should not take precedence over the wellbeing and the health of the citizens.
Image Courtesy: Twitter @AUThackeray