Ashish Shelar, the Head of the Mumbai BJP, criticizes Aaditya Thackeray over the Mahul air pollution

by Web Desk | Published: 14 Mar 2023

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MLA Ashish Shelar accused former Environment Minister Aaditya Thackeray of failing to take "necessary action in this regard" during his tenure as the minister, blaming the Uddhav Sena scion for "increasing pollution" in the Mahul neighborhood of Chembur. The assertion was made on Monday during question time in the legislature by the head of the Mumbai BJP.
Shelar claimed that the former Maha Vikas Aghadi (MVA) government disregarded the report against the two polluting industries and stated that Mahul and its surrounding areas had been dealing with chemical emissions and air pollution for several years. Residents in the area experience respiratory problems as a result of the poor air quality, and the Bombay High Court has taken serious notice of the issue and periodically issued directives, he noted.
"The National Green Tribunal had found Sealord Containers Ltd. and Aegis Logistics Ltd. accountable (for the air pollution in Mahul). They received Rs. 10,000 crores in penalties. But Aditya Thackeray, the former environment minister, had not acted appropriately in this area, according to Shelar. Aaditya responded to the claim by stating that MVA had discussions with both businesses. There are four businesses—two owned by the Union Government and two by private companies. We even relocated Mahul people to other areas, and we spoke with the two private businesses to discuss ways to reduce air pollution," he emphasized.
Image Courtesy: Twitter @Ashish Shelar