SP family feud may dent party’s prospects in BMC Elections 2017

There is a bitter war going on amongst the first family of the Samajwadi Party in UP and this war has become a source of concern for the Mumbai unit of the party which is eyeing for the Muslim votes in the upcoming BMC Polls. Some politicians believe that this continuing crisis in the party will disenchant its mainly Muslim voters and make them shift their loyalties.

Though Maharashtra SP chief MLA Abu Asim Azmi claims that the feud will not dampen the SP’s BMC Poll prospects, Muslim leaders in other parties feel that the Samajwadi Party’s image has taken a hit badly and the voters will be reluctant to come back to the party.

“Corporation elections are fought on local issues and Muslims in Maharashtra and Mumbai have no complaints against me,” said Azmi, who is planning to field 115 candidates in the BMC polls.

However, leaders in other parties are almost celebrating the crisis in SP. “Voters are very intelligent and they are closely watching the fight. They are asking how a party can serve them when its top leaders are fighting among themselves for selfish reasons. Their fight is for sharing power and not in the interest of people,” said MIM legislator Waris Pathan. He claimed that Muslim voters would back his candidates.
Congress MLA Amin Patel said that Muslim voters would not spoil their votes by supporting parties, which raise communal and emotional issues. “Muslim votes will go to secular parties as they will try to stop the communal forces rule the BMC again,” Patel said.